Skullopy (Meeting with the boss)

This one was done while waiting for … hell, just read and enjoy.

I feel a deep sleep beginning to fall upon me. At first I resist. I open both eyes wide and look to the silent faces before me. Two are as idle as I am. The third, for whom we wait, sits behind a large table composing letters.

As these things are oft to do, sleep takes over me. I have no power over nature; I am only human. It rocks me. My head lolls back and forth, side to side. It is then I begin my dream.

It is dark. I see nothing. I know instantly that I am dreaming because it is day in the office I am seated. You know those types of dreams, the ones you know you’re asleep. You try but fail to rouse yourself.

Anyway, in this dream it is dark. I look around and find that the darkness is artificial. I am submerged underneath something, perhaps the ground. I feel a great weight pressed down upon me. I try to toss, turn, but all my efforts are like the seeds that fall by the wayside. I try again and again, then again, before I realise that with every push comes a tiny shift. The shift is microscopic, soundless, but it is there. I know it in my dreaming heart.

But this shift does something: It goes but comes to lock back into place. I push with every thing, every effort my frail limbs can muster. My prison stretches out but clasps back into place as I release. I breathe. I take in every air in this dank confinement of mine and let my body exhale with every push, every force.

I see light. I see light and something is birthed inside of me. It is wild, this thing, it is uncontrollable. I use limbs, torso, head and push and push. The light is freedom and my soul pines for it. I push and I pop out. No echo no nothing I just pop out. I drag myself off my landing strip and look from where I stand. I am free. I hug my body, staring at what held me. It is big. It is large. It is a fold in the stomach of a very large woman. I wake.


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