My Neighbour The Manwhore

    I’m not really a fan of topics like this, I really am not, but I’ve been challenged to write something “serious” and this is the only thing that comes to mind.
   You see, I sometimes come off as one of those religion freaks (maybe I am), I know some eejits I call friends would be laughing their insane asses off right now because I can really be, to use a religious word, “carnal”. Well, maybe I really am carnal, but who cares anyway, that’s not why we are here. To borrow what a wise friend was said (yes, you Samsudeen) “isn’t it funny how religion manages to spread enough hate and not nearly enough love” (edited that a little because I’m wiser :D).
       Okay, so religions preach Love yea? I mean, Christianity certainly does, as a matter of fact, that’s what we’ve been talking about in my fellowship for the past month or so, so I was surprised when a certain head of a particular notable Christian Association in Nigeria actually suggested that Christians should retaliate rather than sitting ducks to the recent Boko Haram attacks which a certain hat wearing clueless mufu leading our dear old country has refused to do anything about, that’s for another day. What happened to turning the other cheek?What happened to praying for our enemies like Jesus taught?
     Anyways, I was talking to my Muslim friends the other day (I happen to have a lot of them) and they told me about how the Quaran talks about love and accepting you neighbor’s beliefs and all that and I just don’t seem to get the reason for the attacks, but that’s not why you jobless people are reading this, I’m here to talk about religion not politics, sorry to digress……….. I lied, I’m not sorry, die!
      They also taught me very recently in fellowship that one thing I must have in common with my friends is my God, so I thought to myself, does that mean I have to dump all my friends? Cos like I said, an awful bunch of them are Muslims, and 70% of the ones left are just “church-goers”, I mean, what happened to the golden rule? What happened to love your neighbor as yourself? So I shouldn’t love my neighbor if my neighbor is a Muslim? I shouldn’t love him because he’s a man-whore? (KC that’s your sub). I don’t get it.
         But it’s religion, most of us do not anyway, and those who do probably aren’t perfect either. But I just want to serve my God, I just want to have fun doing it, I just want to love my friends.


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